listening to music

                                                                   content with the music

                                                         looking smug LOL
              her stuffed bone toy has seen better days so when i seen this little stuffed hamburger toy i couldnt pass it up. for starters she just sniffed at it but when i squeezed it an it squeaked that did it,, she wouldnt let me have it back for a while. rest in peace stuffed bone toy LOL
                  ~click the collage to view it in full size if ya want~

                  with her relaxed nature an small size she'd be easy to take on a train or bus somewhere

                          silly girl
                                            we had a very snowy wet Thanksgiving

LOL *face palm*

                                                        waning to play

      she tends to looks mad serious during play. like a tiny werewolf or something LOL

                                  trotting over

                  jumping up to shove her toy it in my hand
                                       she looks like a eWalk in my favorite hoodie
an now with my glasses. her big eyes look even bigger in them LOL

 prolly wondering why everything looks weird now


fall colors an a wintery chill already in the air

i took this first an the ones above as the sun was setting

       there was a airplane flying over that i was trying to get her to look at

guess she wasnt interested LOL

what are you doing???
trying to get comfy 

           same pose different angle


back footies an floofy tail

an splatted
 shes so sweet :)
                                     she wanted my card

                        but not sure what to do with it

    she played with it for a few an then lost interest an spat it to the floor. guess she wanted a refund LOL
this is how she likes to sleep a lot of the time


                                     shes such a weirdo LOL
                                                               planning something

                      little butthead grabbed my camera lenses cover LOL


                                wonder if they make Frisbees around this size


i twisted my ankle a few days back an i cant get around for beans; so i am rather bored out of my mind.

             i think Pixies more than noticed ¬ ¬  poor dog LOL

but lucky for her i got a new controller so i can play console games again.
i said the cats name an thats the expression she made. ~ she makes for a great controller holder

my character was walking on his own; i look down an see this. guess she wants to play too LOL 



least i dont have to worry about my controller falling to the floor

                                               more helping with the mail

                            ~click the collage to view it in full size if ya want~

 if looks could kill

she ended up getting sap on some of the ends of  her tail fuzz cuz i was a stupid an took her out to the place where we store firewood an had her sit down while i stacked some. i used some sap remover stuff on it an that got rid of it but as i was rinsing it off her she gotten pretty well wet anyway. figured i may as well give her a full on bath.

you are so very dead as soon as i get out of here

i better sleep with one eye open cuz i think shes planned to kill me in my sleep LOL
very very dead. just you wait

               but then she started to relax an realized it wasnt so bad

                      she did really well for her first bath

an for the record she didnt 'need' a bath as she wasnt dirty nor did she 'wreak.' i could of very easily cut the little part with sap off an not only avoided using the sap remover but also entirely avoided giving her the bath.