due to the weather an its challenges its been presenting an getting sick i havent felt like posting in quite a while. however now that i have free time on my hands here you are. pictures! a LOT of them all in one post.

beginning of the year snow fall:

                                                      looking out 

looking down the pathway
                           little taste of winter


not sure what to do with herself

she loves to try to burrow inside my pants leg(which feels weird an tickles like crazy) while i sit down on the floor to play with her. so i grabbed my bath towel an tossed it over her to see whatd happen

i think she was kind of confused LOL
then she started to growl at it sounding like a little lawnmower an biting at it an rolling around all at the sametime. this picture was taken when i asked her "do you want a bone?" to get her to stop an look at the camera 

                      later in the winter an about a foot or two of snow

im glad at least one of us likes the winter

                                             being a bit derpy

                                                           kind of the next stage of derp?

                              level cap reached for derpyness LOL - she gets excited for me to make snow balls an then toss them for her to chase,, then she eats them. hence the derpy tongue shots :)

   her "whats ya got?" look right before she hopped in my lap to see

               just posing for the camera


LOL i put a little bit of whipping cream on her nose

she loves the stuff

how ever i put it up a little too high on her nose. had move it down with my finger a bit so her tongue could reach it 

         ^ taken Jan 18th after we got 3' of snow over night on top of what was already there


 she wanted to see out better so she hopped up in the snow instead of trying to peek over it like in the picture above. if it wasnt for her black patches an blue harness id lose her in the snow

frozen tundra of a driveway

the amount of snow is the same height as her

             confused an in awe all at the sametime

is this a freak of nature?!

now looking totally unsure an maybe even concerned

 she figured out theyre not anything harmful an had fun popping them


even tried getting them before they were off the wand thingy LOL

 posing away - taken Feb 4th.

eagerly walking out

               our snow covered trees

playing with a fake flower

goofy dog 

                         taken Feb 28th

shadowed Pixie


so much snow

 going through my old stuff i found a cat toy thats the perfect size for her

                            trotting over

wanting me to take it an not take it at the sametime


 her lip an whiskers in this one make me laugh

                             the snow it almost swallows the 4' fence

taking a break in previous tracks she made in the snow

looking up at a robin that was making noise. a ROBIN! SPRING ALMOST HERE YAA!

being lazy

being curious an lazy

                    but not enough so to wanna get up

 having fun

happy dog 

 same two pictures from above; just zoomed in an cropped

                 murdering a mcdonalds bag

getting a drink after the bag was well dead 
what is thing an why is it on my head?
i stuck my dads hat on her an she was not impressed LOL

 the snows melting off so fast it creates a stream

trying to smell the leaves in the water

playing in the water

looking back at me wondering why im not joining her in the watery fun

finally just a tid of snow yet in the field an now youre all caught up