sitting in wind blown snow on Feb 16th

snow coming down in the morning on the 17th. only  got a couple of inches; just enough  for the 'frosting look' an that was it

however through the night it snowed quite a bit

         the snow almost totally swallows her up

         in other places on the property it did. got 3' in some areas an 2 1/2' in others

                     shaking the snow off
      the snow had melted down to the point that our driveway turned into one big sheet of ice
         there was even a squirrel out enjoying the sun that Pixie made friends with

               an in other places it had melted to the point that dirt was finally making an appearance 

                but over night we got a dusting of snow 

spring definitely isnt here 

 but i got some pretty nice portrait shots; so not a bad valentines gift from mother nature ;)

  💗💕happy valentines day everyone!💕💗
                  i forgot to turn on the flash 

             seeing how well she'd do posing inside a McDonald's bag

    she did great but she wasnt a fan of the crinkly paper noises.
                  in her opinion: "im not loving it" LOL 

my dogs too photogenic for her own good 😋
                                    just chilling with my old sunglasses on

          looks like shes ready part take in some skiing or something 

                         such a excellent little model
taken Jan 3rd with snow stuck to her eyebrows

 first case of the zoomies of the year

the taste of winter
                                                           taken New Years Eve
                                                  an in the snow once again

             a scent in the air caught her attention

                           snow nose! quite literally ;)

                                                                              Happy New Years!

                      taken Christmas morning an bit chilly out being 12°F

 looking up at a chickadee 

she decided to leap into the snow drift an came out looking like a chihuahua snow cone.
i was thinking we werent going to have any snow this Christmas but as you can see we have plenty of it LOL

             once inside she was presented with a present

i was trolling her by not letting go of it

now nomming away on it an thinking i might try an nab it from her by the looks of it LOL

Merry Christmas everyone!