she likes the retractable leash

                                             an still not sure about the camera

                                             but willing to try an pose
      she used to this quite bit when she was put on her back

                                                          why i do not know

                                     dog version of sucking thumbs maybe?

LOL such a dork

                               before her coat came in an still pretty little

                                                          learning to pose

                          an learning it fast
                 ~ Video of her zooming around ~
Well shoot,, Neocities has a limit to how much you can upload to your site an wants to charge you $5.00for 10GB a month. sounds like a good deal but paying for monthly subscriptions for online games taught me that it adds up over the years no matter how cheap it sounds.

so im the processes of moving my Neocites posts to here on Blogspot. youre welcome to check out the Necoties page if you want by clicking here

            (collage of the fist pictures i took of her)

                     she weighed just 2.6pounds

 she loved to play with her toys

an made toys of her own too

 she also really loves raw hide chews