in hide mode... kinda

    sometimes i wonder about her,, just saying LOL

              well least she had some shade i guess LOL
                       being a camera ham 

 posing away

                                           frog leg relaxing 

popping a squat to scratch

foot inspection 

sniffing around near my sis in laws truck




                        up to no good

                                              def up to no good LOL

                       searching for something

bringing it over

i keep forgetting to take her ball with us on our walks so... pine cones do just fine apparently LOL

  confusing as to what the heck it is

movement an little tinkling noises capture her attention  but then she was like uh... get this out of my space please LOL

            helping with the mail again   

                                                       an looking very proud about it

                            ~click the pic to view it in full size if ya want~
                even Pixies happy that the snow is gone

                      her smiles speaks volumes

as the warmer days bring in new smells an everything turns green again
                                                                snow all gone an wanting to play 

                                                                                  big clouds

                               sticking her tongue out at me 

sniffing a dormant plant

this is the stance she does when she wants me to take something from her. or try to take something from her an then throw it once i get it.
generally she'll bring it back or just look at me. which ever shes in the mood for LOL

                                            tinyness in a big world an just a tid of snow left
wanting my ramen soup LOL 

more of her expressions
                                shes such a doof ^^
                    i also love her Asmo mane thing she has going on LOL
peeking through  

snowed a bit later that day
                          trudging through
having a sniff 

now having a lick 

walking down our driveway

                        LOL her many expressions 

she likes to hop right into the kind of puffy snow that blows around easily in the wind

    than plow through it or play in it like in this video