if looks could kill

she ended up getting sap on some of the ends of  her tail fuzz cuz i was a stupid an took her out to the place where we store firewood an had her sit down while i stacked some. i used some sap remover stuff on it an that got rid of it but as i was rinsing it off her she gotten pretty well wet anyway. figured i may as well give her a full on bath.

you are so very dead as soon as i get out of here

i better sleep with one eye open cuz i think shes planned to kill me in my sleep LOL
very very dead. just you wait

               but then she started to relax an realized it wasnt so bad

                      she did really well for her first bath

an for the record she didnt 'need' a bath as she wasnt dirty nor did she 'wreak.' i could of very easily cut the little part with sap off an not only avoided using the sap remover but also entirely avoided giving her the bath. 

so my dad got a toy for their kitten an the kitten loved it until it started flashing bright blue lights in her face like this

Pixie however found the toy rather interesting

  all eyes an ears
but she looked like she wanted to chew/eat it so no cat toy for her either LOL

Re-post: i clicked something too fast an accidentally deleted a post. so here it is again

                  she found a stick

                                  LOL that face

                    silly girl

                    best for last. still learning my camera
                                             i think she didnt mind the shades 

little poser


she would snap at bees or move her head too fast to look at other stuff an the sunglasses fell off a time or two,, but past that...
 shes a very photogenic dog ^^

taken 8/5/2016
                                      she loves to play with cardboard

looking serious O_x

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