wanting into my Goldfish crackers

trying her luck 

    smelling good enough to lick the outside of the bag i guess? LOL

now turning on the charm for some

such a pretty time of year 

looking out

            posing among the leaves 

             an now our first snow fall of the year is here already. got about 5or 6" blanketing everything over night on Nov 3rd

the trees didnt even have time to shed all their leaves yet. its not unusual for us to get snow on Halloween an it not melt back off till spring though

even the grass still has a tinge of orange to it

 happily trudging through

         not sure if she wants to come over to me or run around              


an zoomies it is 


hopping about like a bunny

full speed run 


       i finally caught her happy smile that makes me laugh as she zooms about

cropped in
a fog filled morning                                   
                                                              Happy Hawl-o-ween everyone
in the process of hopping up
same picture; just cropped in 

the leap

made it up on the stump an sitting pretty

watching the world go by an fall here already
                                                                        sitting pretty 

i like how she holds her tail up a lot of the time even though shes not standing


              enjoying the morning sun

looking back

scratching her chin

                             an looking back again
these were taken a just a tid before the sun went down

                             nice portrait
trying to see me through the tall grass
walking up to play. it was super windy an blew the clouds around a good bit. note the horse tail wispy clouds

now up at the gate with mash potato looking clouds; an sorry i crop pictures like these. i had some creep keep asking where i live an dont want her an other potential creeps finding out going by the mountains. so...yeah
enjoying a off leash run

                    sun set colors

an i didnt forget to bring her ball

                                    zoom zoom

     it got super cloudy due to the wind an made for some interesting lighting; but that didnt stop the fun

 can you tell she loves her ball LOL
tuckered out
                                                battle between light an shadows

                     shes so tiny it looks like a grass jungle