these were taken a just a tid before the sun went down

                             nice portrait
trying to see me through the tall grass
walking up to play. it was super windy an blew the clouds around a good bit. note the horse tail wispy clouds

now up at the gate with mash potato looking clouds; an sorry i crop pictures like these. i had some creep keep asking where i live an dont want her an other potential creeps finding out going by the mountains. so...yeah
enjoying a off leash run

                    sun set colors

an i didnt forget to bring her ball

                                    zoom zoom

     it got super cloudy due to the wind an made for some interesting lighting; but that didnt stop the fun

 can you tell she loves her ball LOL
tuckered out
                                                battle between light an shadows

                     shes so tiny it looks like a grass jungle

peeking through the oregon grape leaves

       its brand new oregon grape growth so the leaves are vibrant in color an soft an smooshy in texture

 i like how the green of the leaves reflect in her eyes an on her fur

                   shes such a sweet an fun dog. always willing to pose
portrait collage 

                                                               being her photogenic self

                   here a daisy there a daisy daisys everywhere!

we walked in the field an some sort of plant seeds got stuck all over her coat. they were easy enough to brush out but left her coat feeling tacky an slightly sticky. so yep... bath time.

~click the collage to view it in full size if ya want~
                                           bringing it 

about to plop it in my lap
                      checking out my air conditioner

why i do not know 

                    what a weirdo LOL
in the wild alpha

                                                                      posing away

peeking through

                                              she watched me get a scoop of her kibble


urging me to hurry up an maybe tasting it already

                            enjoying her dinner
                 it finally wasnt raining so i could play with her in the yard(we were under the carport in the post below)

                        her nose.... LOL

                      zoom zoom!
                      i got my first fidget spinner today. she didnt know what to make of it

                             video of the curiosity

           wondering why its not spinning an maybe even a bit scared of it LOL

                                                                  8=8 8=8 8=8 8=8 8=8

 i got Pixie something as well

its a Hol-ee Roller made by JW. i it found in a bin for small breed puppies

  she loves it

  havent even had the ball twenty four hours yet an its dirty already LOL

                        posing with it
                       thinking dog days of summer is here already maybe?

sure looking like it LOL

                       just a relaxing