just being her photogenic self 

                                            cool shadows 

doing zoomies around me

   more zoomies an her face... LOL she looks like Falkor from The NeverEnding Story.

                     boing boing 

she found a fir cone an put in my hand but then batted my hands with her paws an caused it to fall as i took the picture. her shocked expression cracks me up

            zooming by me with the fir cone in her mouth

bringing it over 

 waiting for me to take it

not amused at having to wait for me to take it LOL

but still a happy girl an whether she knew it or not she needed a break anyway
                                                          tiny flowers an tiny dog

spring has definitely finally sprung

                                    watching intently


waterfall tail

posing with her left side facing me. normally she prefers her right to face me cuz the leash tends to mostly end up being on the right of her which she prefers since it doesnt interfere with her tail 

                       in the thick of things